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July 4, 2019
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July 4, 2019

Danta Prabha (Tooth Powder), 50 gm


Danta prabha tooth powder for healthy Gums and strong teeth. This tooth Powder is a fine blend of herbs that eliminates many dental problems like gum disorders, toothache etc., thereby giving strong teeth and healthy gums. Daily use of this tooth powder gives better result.



–¬†Keeps the gums healthy

– Keeps the teeth clean

– Keeps the breath fresh

– Relieves a toothache

– Prevents infectious germs

– Reduces gum bleeding and inflammation


– Tooth pain, gingivitis, halitosis, dental cavities, cavities, sensitive teeth.

Directions / Dosage:

Mix half a teaspoon with water to form a smooth paste. Apply on teeth and gums with a finger or toothbrush in a circular scrubbing motion for 2 to 3 minutes. Rinse the mouth with water.


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